If you are a wedding photographer, or any other type of photographer, then you know that off-camera flash (OCF) is a must. But what is it, and how do you use it?

Off-camera flash is a technique that uses a separate flash unit(s) positioned away from the camera. On the camera itself, is a trigger that notifies when the flash unit(s) should flash. This allows you to create more interesting and creative lighting for your photos.

There are many benefits of using off-camera flash, such as the ability to create unique lighting effects, add depth to your photos, and make your subjects pop. If you are looking for ways to take your wedding photography to the next level, then off-camera flash is a great place to start!

Using off-camera flash takes a little planning and is going to burn a small hole in your pocket/wallet. It is easy to go full-board and buy the most expensive speedlights (or strobes), triggers, stands, softboxes, etc. The thing is, this is one of the most easiest and cheapest ways that you can immediately see gains in your photography. You do not have to splurge on the latest and greatest gadgets for OCF. There are triggers on Amazon for around $15. There are basic speedlights as well for around $40-$80. Grab a white umbrella and stand, and you have everything you need for under $100. So, while it is easy to go overboard with purchasing all the latest and greatest equipment for OCF, even the beginner photography can jump into the fray and maximize their artistic expression. I know that once I started embracing OCF, my entire skillset jumped dramatically.