The story of a life with art

Prepare yourself for a tale of resilience, passion, and an unyielding spirit about an individual who weaves magic through the lens of his camera. My journey began from a deep-rooted love for capturing life's most memorable moments, a passion that found its outlet in wedding and portrait photography. My promise to you is not just flawless, professional photographs but also a glimpse of the joy and ardor that I imbue into every shot.

Imagine a blend of rhythm, blues, and an intense fascination with the legendary guitarist Robert Johnson; now, transpose that fascination into a pursuit of perfection in photography, and you have Crossroads del Sol Photography. My life, not unlike Johnson's fabled crossroads encounter, found a fork in the road, thankfully without trading souls!

Creativity has always coursed through my veins, finding a voice in music and performance, enchanting audiences far and wide. However, in 2017, life threw me a curveball that rendered me unable to play music due to medical malpractice (I almost kicked the bucket!!). It felt like a part of me was lost. But remember, every ending is a new beginning. That dormant volcano of creativity inside me needed a new outlet, and photography, long waiting in the wings, finally had its moment in the spotlight.

As I plunged into this new world of photography, I saw life in an entirely new hue. Every snap of the shutter revealed another layer of beauty, each image a masterpiece. What began as an avenue for self-expression gradually transformed into a source of delight for others, inspiring me even more.

Nothing compares to the thrill of chronicling the most joyous moments in people's lives. Each smile, each sparkle of joy that I capture is a moment in eternity. The honor of freezing these beautiful moments in time is not something I take lightly. I meticulously plan each shoot, studying the location days in advance to find the perfect angles and lighting that will bring out the best in my subjects. It's an intricate dance, where no two performances are alike, each demanding my full attention and skill to deliver the best possible result. The thrill of this challenge is what keeps me on my toes, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

As I stand today, my health has rebounded, and I'm again embracing music and photography, living a life suffused with passion and creativity. It's been a journey of re-discovery and resilience, and in my book, that makes for a truly happy ending!


Corey Carlson Photographer